The fact of the matter is that everybody treats me pretty much as one of the boys, which I take as a great compliment.
Title: Qu’est-ce c’est dur cette maudite cassure
Artist: Julia Louis Dreyfus, Brad Hall, and Steve Rashid

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brad Hall, and Steve Rashid sing “Qu’est-ce c’est dur cette maudite cassure” or “Breaking up is hard to do” from Picture Paris. [X].
Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the National Association of Television Program Executives Convention, 1993.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the Los Angeles International Airport - May 16, 1995.

Throwback Thursday! Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Rocky Past

It was actually my idea that Selina would sort of have this notion that she needed to rebrand herself. And so she gets a haircut and.. you know, it also sort of stems from how female politicians never get a break. If they make a slight change to their appearance - a new look with a jacket - whatever it is, they get a lot of flack for it. And so we thought we’d cut off my hair. And so we did and it looks horrendous. - Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the awful haircut on the Late Show with David Letterman.


I’m fluent in bastard, ok. It’s one of my languages.